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I said I’d do a giveaway once I reached my next thousand and I totally spaced and just realized today I passed it up! So here it is my lovelies!! <3 

I know a bunch of you have followed me through my mix of fandoms on this blog (bless you all for putting up with the vast fandom changes and ramblings), so prizes are a mix of fandom prizes and more!!

What you’ll win:
- Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Comics (Issues #5, #6, & #7)
- Deadpool Killustrated Comic (Issue #3)
- Young Avengers Comic (Issue #3)
- Doctor Who 2012 Official Annual
- American Gods by Neil Gaiman
- Holographic WWE Valentine’s Cards
- Custom bow hair clip based off your choice of character
- Custom plush based off your choice of character
- Your favorite candy

- You have to be following me, it’s for my followers, duh. I’ll be checking!
- Reblog and like to enter, tumblr only counts your most recent reblog/like so do it however many times you want idc. Just don’t be a doucher to your followers by spamming it.
- No giveaway blogs yo, that’s cheating. I’ll be checking for this too!
- Winner will be notified by inbox, you’ll have 24 hours to respond.

Ends in a month, May 11th 2014.

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